Anita Anand

Oakville needs a fresh voice in Ottawa

My name is Anita Anand and I’m running to be the Liberal candidate for Oakville in the next federal election.

I need your help to ensure that Oakville sends a strong principled representative to Ottawa. John Oliver has done an excellent job for Oakville and we need to continue that hard work here at home and across Canada. Please register to support me in the upcoming nomination meeting.

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What people are saying about Anita

After careful consideration, the Executive of Oakville Federal Liberal Association does unanimously endorse Anita Anand to be the candidate for 2019 Oakville Federal Liberal nomination.

Oakville Federal Liberal Association Executive

I firmly believe that Anita Anand is the best choice to carry the Liberal banner for us this October. She is a dedicated community volunteer, a highly accomplished lawyer, professor, and mother of four. Anita and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be an unstoppable team in Oakville.

John Oliver

Member of Parliament for Oakville

Having been a Member of Parliament for 17 years I have seen and worked with many candidates across the country. Anita Anand is one of the most accomplished individuals I have seen enter Canadian politics. I think that her strong record as a professor, researcher, author and lawyer would resonate well with Oakville voters.

John McCallum

Former Cabinet Minister
Oakville Resident

As President of the Provincial Liberal Association in Oakville during this past election, I saw how tough the fight can be and what’s required to win to keep this seat Red in the next election. Anita is the best choice Oakville can make – she’s what we want and she’s what we need.

Greg Glista

Past President, Oakville Provincial Liberal Association

Integrity, commitment, and capability – all attributes I look for in friends and colleagues – and especially our elected leaders. That’s why supporting Anita is so easy for me as she clearly demonstrates all three.

Caroline Hogwood

President, Halton Women's Place

Anita Anand is exactly the type of person who would be a valuable addition to Canadian politics: intelligent, dedicated to her community and a leader in her profession. I am deeply confident in her abilities and her integrity.

Hal Jackman

Past Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Anita Anand is a highly intelligent, capable and accomplished person with an outstanding resume. She is exactly the person who we should have representing Oakville in Parliament because of her knowledge, experience and commitment to public service.

Jarvis Sheridan

Co-Chair, John Oliver Campaign 2015
Partner, O'Connor MacLeod Hanna LLP

Anita is one of the most honest, genuine and naturally intelligent people we have had the fortune to get to know over more than a dozen years. We feel she has the character and innate talent and ability to be an absolute asset to the country as a whole.

Noreen and Dave Higgins

Local Business Owners

I have known Anita for many years and have had the pleasure of working closely with her on a non-profit Board for 3 years. Anita always brings her vast experience and fine legal mind to every situation. She has a keen interest and involvement in the community and an intense desire to improve life for us all.

June Cockwell

Chair, Lighthouse for Grieving Children

Anita is extraordinary: brilliant lawyer and professor, community leader, and truly genuine and caring person. She is full of ideas about how to make Canada better and bursting with energy to create change. She is exactly the kind of person we need in public life today.

Cornell Wright

Partner, Torys LLP

Anita is a strong leader with a clear proactive voice. She is exactly who we need to represent this special town we have all chosen to make our home.

Daniela Hampton-Davies

Oakville Resident
Community Board Director

Anita has demonstrated that she is extremely knowledgeable and professional about the issues at the heart of our community. As an internationally recognized expert in her field, Anita is willing to ask and seek solutions to the tough questions.

Murray Sanders

Managing Partner, Interpix Design
Local Business Owner

Anita's credentials, competency and experience are essential for Oakville to grow with excellence. Oakville is extremely fortunate to have Anita step up to the plate to represent Oakvillians in Ottawa and benefit Canadians at large.

Mike Lallani

Director of Operations, Oakville Youth Soccer Academy

I believe Anita’s achievements as a legal scholar and international leader in the ethics of business and law would make her a superb critical thinker and leader within the Government of Canada. As a long-term resident of Oakville, I believe we could not ask for a more intelligent, dynamic and committed representative in Ottawa.

Dr. Ronald Worton

Officer, Order of Canada
Laureate, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Anita is approachable, engaged, and genuinely committed to serving her community. Her strong law background equips her well with complex policy writing skills. If you would like to see more women representation in politics, please join me in supporting Anita Anand.

Bella Onay

Founder, Mom2Mom Biz

Anita is a strong and proven leader whose abilities are a significant asset to Oakville. She is committed to our town and will use her incredible abilities to lead us forward.

Warren Bell

Executive-in-Residence, Ivey Institute for Leadership
Board Chair, Bruce Trail Conservancy
Former Chief Operating Officer, OMERS

As a Young Liberal and a long time member of the party, I can confidently endorse Anita’s expertise, vision and principles to lead us through the 2019 fall election. Anita has been teaching law at the University of Toronto for many years so she’s distinctly aware of the issues facing youth such as climate change, affordability, food and job security. After speaking with Anita, I knew that leaders like her are needed now more than ever.

Brayden Ross

Oakville Young Liberal

I’m thrilled that Anita has put her name forward as a nominee for the federal Liberal nomination in Oakville. She brings tremendous credentials, broad expertise in public policy making, and both a fresh and informed perspective on addressing the complex issues facing our community and our country.

Michael Shaen

CEO, The Centre for Collaboration